Friday, 10 September 2021

Martin Armstrong's Death Threat

This is an event like many others described on this site, and it is consistent with the many other events. As such, I will describe it as usual, exclusively based on facts and external references. I will describe how Martin Armstrong, whose public details are on my Martin Armstrong Inner Circle Details page, issues his death threat against me, and the events that lead to the death threat and the events that followed it.

Socrates Subscriber Volume Meltdown

During my YouTube social media awareness campaign, a  large number of my messages actually went into his sock puppet accounts. So he was inundated with them and panicked. The number of subscribers of his paid subscription service Socrates declined dramatically. Martin Armstrong recognized the connection and reacted as follows:


Martin Armstrong fully exposed the criminal nature of his business. The communication is documented in a public forum here. I am quoting him as he responds to me directly via private message:

I have hundreds of people working for me creating YouTube accounts and other social media accounts posting positive reviews and feedback. I STILL GET fresh victims daily
Maybe you should come work for me? We could really use you around here. We have many aspects to our Ponzi scheme and you will be first in line and be a part of our inner circle purely based on the influence you have online and the threat you present against my business. We always pay our people the best and keep paying them for life just so they don't talk too much and God forbid tell the authorities...

The above was his last-ditch attempt to lure me into a partnership in his business, to recruit me, and to motivate me for deleting thousands of comment messages from hundreds of his YouTube videos. After I declined, he finally issued his death threat against me as follows:

I want you DEAD! I will find out where you live trust me. I will put a contract out on your life, you don't know who you fucking with.

The digital signature "MA" stands for Martin Armstrong. I proved previously that he uses fake identities to publish his own messages as sock puppets, posing as his clients on internet forums and in YouTubue video discussions. See Martin Armstrong The Hyper Shill. In this case, he used the previously exposed identity Gumbi to send the above messages to me.

After these events, he continued business as usual. He instructed his inner circle shill LateralusYellow to write a new post in his own propaganda echo chamber about his flagship Socrates service, with the aim to revive the service, to get fresh victims. See: Nasdaq (composite) forecast, explanation in comments 

I recognize with satisfaction that I can now use his own terms such as "victims", "paid shill" and "inner circle" and stated facts without having to use speculative language. I just quote him.

You don't believe this? Then check out my Legal Disclaimer. and The Defeat of Martin Armstrong where I show you how he fails do defend himself against the exposure of the truth.

I do not need to ask you to believe anything because you can verify all facts yourself using the many 3rd party reference links on the 100 pages of this site.

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